An Italian Chef. A Holistic Nutrition Enthusiast. Two Food Lovers.

Kuteer is the Creative Chef and recipe developer. Trisha takes the photos and writes the content.

Together we created Foodie Awareness to share our passion for plant-based living, well-being and kitchen creativity.

We eat almost entirely organic food and to 99% a whole food, plant-based and gluten-free diet with a big portion of Raw Food. We live for wildly tasty, nutritious food that makes us feel alive. This is the kind of food we’ll share with you here.

We’re not much for labeling the way we eat since it makes life rigid and in our experience life is at its best when flowing and lived without too many “do’s” and “don’ts”.

In the end it’s all about that – being happy. Life is meant to be fun and good food will enrich your life.

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Foodie Awareness Kuteer Carlo ZanasiProfessional Bio

Kuteer Carlo Zanasi discovered his talent and passion for food already back in the seventies while visiting what is now called Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India.
With over 30 years of experience in leading kitchen positions he is a very appreciated and innovative chef that is specializing in a whole food, plant-based cuisine and raw food -­ both simple and high end gourmet style. He got his diploma as a Raw Food Chef and Living Food Instructor under the Nordic Raw Living Chef Academy in association with Creative Health Institute, Michigan.
Carlo is from northern Italy but has over the years traveled and worked in many different places around the world. US, Norway, Italy, Spain and Sweden to name a few.